kinderbild1Well, one would normally begin with the main profession. I’ll start differently. I will start by  saying: Langustl is an idealist, anyway I will tell you more shortly. The most important thing for me is life itself, to live life. There is a song by Cat Stevens - "If you want to sing out, sing out", I would this describe as my anthem. If you haven’t heard it, you should listen to it at least once. Everything else I do centers around this longing to live this life, and money plays a rather secondary role in this. More important for me was the area of art since my childhood.


engelEverything which to do with the artistic expression of life has always been interesting for me - music, painting, literature, theatre etc... Also I prefered walks lasting several hours instead of watching television or joining parties. My interest in people and in the reasons of their behaviour came to life when I worked in holiday camps as a leader, which I did for a lot of years. Instead of leading to further education after finishing school in Donaueschingen, it led me to my apprenticeship as a wood sculptor in a little neighbouring town.

Actually there were many romantic moments at this time, like I had imagined and wanted.


The German army and my second education as a carpenter confronted me with the harder side of the world, not to say with the reality. But these times were also very instructive and important to my development, too. My holiday camp experiences made it possible to get into the Pestalozzi children's village Wahlwies, where I was allowed to look after a youth group together with a colleague for about 3 years.


koerbeAfter this intensive social experience I finally arrived - with little detours – working as a therapist in a neurological rehabilitation clinic at Lake Constance, which I still do today, ever since 1998.


My longing to understand the world was always there somehow, and my initiation to the world of the "fortune telling cards" at first was pure curiosity and rather superficial for a long time. As a critical and rather scientifically oriented person I needed a long time to accept that they really work.


magierMy attempts became more courageous since about 2004. In 2006 a friend, whom I had met via a Tarotchat, asked me to paint a Tarotcard for a forum thread. This was „The Magician“ and the first card of the Langustl Tarot, published since 2008.

Of course the occupation with the topic was intensified considerably through this. Also there was the interest in the Lenormand cards. A completed deck I have created is called "The Energetic Lenormand" - it can be downloaded free as a PDF file for printing cards at home by yourself. The Langustl Lenormand is almost finished, and I have started with a further Tarot game in black and white - the Langustl Black & White.



symbol aAnother area I´m interested in is using the pendulum to check the energy of rooms. A new project explores the possibility to melt blockades by using drawn symbols created with the help of a pendulum and so encourage improvements for body and soul.

My speciality is presumably the energetic system I base the Tarot on and use as a prerequisite in all consultations. By this system I either become independent of the pictures, or complete them through this method. It creates a connection to scientific approaches. I describe my procedure as scientifically integral; To use the Tarot means using an integrally psychological system.


Rckseite„The universe is like a white cloth. All appearances, all thoughts and everything there is,
it´s just like folds in this cloth. And nothing exists outside this."